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Fox Undercover Mexican Mafia and Party Girls

Not to be confused with Fox 25 Undercover Boston

Party Girls I think was LA

Old Fox Undercover video but from Fox Undercover LA, not Boston.  This is unrelated.

Recent story on Aaron Hernandez.  Aaron Hernandez is the former Patriots player who is accused of several serious crimes.


Fox Undercover Boston Illegal Immigrant Workers at New Bedford Factory

Prior to the election Fox 25 Undercover goes after immigrant workers at a New Bedford factory.

Fox Undercover Illegal Immigrants

Prior to the election, Fox Undercover Boston did several reports targeting illegal aliens.  One of which involved those committing serious crimes.


Fox Undercover Cop Widow Benefits

A Fox Undercover story recently covered the issue of benefits to a cops wife.

Fox Undercover Sheriff James Dipoala

Funny how Fox Undercover moved right off the radar from their story which hounded the late James Dipoala after he took advange of a legal loophole on retirement benefits.  By moving on to ambush someone else the next year, virtually everyone forgot that James Dipoala, who bowed out as gracefully as he could, stating that he didn’t want to be remembered for this [the loophole issue].  But Dipoala’s family still pays the price every day.

Fox Undercover Church of The End of Days Driveway Preachers

Interesting story given the history of Fox 25 Undercover to just go after an individual person.  The Church of the end of days is being called a cult by many, making it an actual normal story for an undercover reporter.