Fox Undercover Illegal Immigrants Voting

Good premise here for a story about several illegal immigrants voting.  For Fox Undercover, it is obviously timed to coincide with the election when voting is the hot subject of the day.  No objection at all with the story.  Nevertheless it does help to drive home the consistent methodology of Fox Undercover which is sometimes used to assisinate private citizens:

1) “We caught up with” used as a lexicon for ambushing people to create an image of aggressiveness and power, an interview which would not have many well thought through responses, and a sense of fear in the interviewee.  According to the story transcript, Mike Beaudet “caught up with him [Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua] outside City  Hall.”.  This means either that Beaudet didn’t ask him for an interview at all (see Mike Beaudet Video) or preferred that his story show an ambush rather than an interview.

2) Something changed “in the wake of a Fox Undercover investigation”.  One of the best ways to self justify is to show that people reacted to his investigtion.  Even if it means that he simply caused a bunch of suburban parents to panic and threw a school into a media circus, as long as Fox Undercover can show some impact, they are shown as having power, validity and are leading some sort of crusade.  (or lynch mob when that fits).

Once again, not a bad story if it came from a legitimate reporter.  But given that it empowers Fox Undercover Boston, when legitimate, honest, balanced reporting can’t, viewers should beware.




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