Fox Undercover Wind Turbines

Fox Undercover recently did a story on some  wind turbines that are not working or not in operation.  Not really very much undercover here but since wind turbines have been one of President Barack Obamas greeen energy initiatives, perhaps this was just meant to throw water on this completely limitless and renewable form of energy, which has been embraced by most of Europe.

Fox 25 Undercover asked an interviewee if he thought the turbines were worthwhile and he said yes, so even the story itself didn’t do much more than point out that a particular wind turbine project wasn’t going well.  But there are millions of dollars spent drilling for oil that ends up not being worthwhile.  People die in coal mines and gas lines break, causing massive fires.  Wind energy may not be perfect, but perhaps Fox 25 Undercover already knows that and just wanted to cast an Obama project in a negative light.  Given that Obama will serve a second term, we’ll have to see how Mike Beaudet handles the loss of an opportunity to influence these politics.


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