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Offender And Day Care Share Same Address

Keep your eye on this Fox Undercover Boston investigation.  The average person  sees the trailer and thinks, oh my gosh, another case exposed by Mike Beaudet,   But read between the lines:  According to the Worcester Telegram, the licensed day care was not only licensed, it was located in a different location, in a different town.  No accusations of any kind occurred at that day care.  Apparently the address sharing was between the day care company, and a level one.  An 80 year old man who had no signs of re-offending.  Many large companies have day cares at the same address as the companies themselves, but statistics show that there are probably sex offenders working on site.  Just not with the children.

Great example of how things look different when you peel back the layers of a Fox Undercover story.  And btw, Fox News republished the story.  The telegram story was more geared at clarifying the matter.


Court Translators Working In Pairs

Seriously?  Taking advantage of a judge venting in a moment of frustration?    Being multilingual is both a skill and a gift, and and being a translator is a truly special but draining occupation.  Translators don’t just convert words like a google website.  They are a bridge between languages, cultures and must help convey not just facts but nuances in speak which convey emotion.  Doing stories on small people again who can’t really fend off a media fury but who are not the cause of the problem (if there is one!).

Um, cop details working in pairs?  Hello?  Which do you think wastes more money????

Fox 25 Undercover Secret Offenders Level One

Ah more small minded ideas.  You can’t make current level one sex offenders public, because there is really no distinction then between one and two.  Thus you are bumping all level one offenders to level two without due process.

And if there no longer is a level one (the only level which allows people to attempt to reform and live unstigmatized, not being repeatedly harassed, ambushed and re-publicized by Mike Beaudet when he runs out of new ideas), then all levels of registration are public.  Fewer lawyers will accept level one in a plea bargain, thus there will be fewer sex offenders registered.  Police will lose this valuable tool, which sometimes is the best the court can do if there isn’t much evidence.

Oh and by the way, running an unlicensed day care placed children in harms way.  Licensing would prevent a day care from being run at the home of a registered sex offender.  Parents should always require that their child’s day care be registered.  Otherwise, they are basically paying a neighbor to watch their kids.

See more about risks created to children, schools and neighborhoods by Fox Undercover and sensationalistic reporter Beaudet.

If you watch narrow skewed incomplete reports then you will get that kind of information and will be misinformed (like many other Fox News watchers).

Also, see how Lowell Sun readers are slamming Laurie Myers of Community Voices Chelmsford whose questionable comments and contributions have virtually destroyed her credibility (and no it wasn’t because she campaigned for Scott Brown).

Fox Undercover News Church or Cult

Fox Undercover Story on a Church or Cult on Uxbridge, MA

Fox Undercover recently did a decent story on a church in Uxbridge MA, called a cult by some and we think with valid reason.

The story was Called

No major criticism to this story.  But one can’t help but reminded of several websites out there looking at the control over information and emotion that Fox News exerts.  Maybe Mike Beaudet really doesn’t realize what he is doing?


Also a former Fox News employee exposes her observations after gradually realizing the cult like environment that she says she observed in her work around the Bill O’Reilly show.

Another asks if Fox News has become a cult of unconstitutional capitalists (I think this was before the election though).

There is alot more to come on the subject of cults and Fox Undercover News.

Best of Fox Undercover

A victim of his own perceived success Mike Beaudet breathes a sign of relief after November sweeps week is over and he feels he has delivered to Fox 25 on putting together his stories.  Beaudet loves to do best of reviews because Beaudet seems to be in love with his work and his stories.

Happy Thanksgiving!fox lies billboard denver

Contact Fox Undercover Team Give Fox 25 A Tip

Thinking of becoming a Fox 25 Undercover informant?  I would strongly suggest reading this first about Fox Undercover Informants.

Now if you are blowing the whistle on a public problem such as police abuse, government coverups or email scams, then this type of information is certainly worth sending to an investigative team.  And we have several good choices for you such as TEAM 5 INVESTIGATES or CHANNEL 4 iTEAM.

Before you contact Fox Undercover, read the link above and then consider this?

1) Are you willing to have your neighbors, co-workers an friends know that you were the one who informed Fox 25?  Will your motives be perceived as pure and innocent, or will there be questions surrounding your intentions?

2) Is there a potential risk to others (children, elderly, disabled) such that your tip to Fox Undercover….

a) Will delay and deny the parents, school, youth organization information about a potential safety risk.

b) Will those who might be at risk or have loved ones at risk be CONTENT that they found out about this through a sensational Fox 25 story during sweeps week

c)  Will Fox 25 better target the people who need to know, than sending a group email or contacting a school board?

3) Think before you act, because people (especially parents) are becoming aware of Fox Undercover informants and are starting to look for the earliest possible opportunity to expose them for the cowards that many of them are.

And if you do give Fox 25 Undercover a legitimate story (such as about police abuse) and they don’t seem to want to cover it, let me know.  Maybe we’ll put it online.