Contact Fox Undercover Team Give Fox 25 A Tip

Thinking of becoming a Fox 25 Undercover informant?  I would strongly suggest reading this first about Fox Undercover Informants.

Now if you are blowing the whistle on a public problem such as police abuse, government coverups or email scams, then this type of information is certainly worth sending to an investigative team.  And we have several good choices for you such as TEAM 5 INVESTIGATES or CHANNEL 4 iTEAM.

Before you contact Fox Undercover, read the link above and then consider this?

1) Are you willing to have your neighbors, co-workers an friends know that you were the one who informed Fox 25?  Will your motives be perceived as pure and innocent, or will there be questions surrounding your intentions?

2) Is there a potential risk to others (children, elderly, disabled) such that your tip to Fox Undercover….

a) Will delay and deny the parents, school, youth organization information about a potential safety risk.

b) Will those who might be at risk or have loved ones at risk be CONTENT that they found out about this through a sensational Fox 25 story during sweeps week

c)  Will Fox 25 better target the people who need to know, than sending a group email or contacting a school board?

3) Think before you act, because people (especially parents) are becoming aware of Fox Undercover informants and are starting to look for the earliest possible opportunity to expose them for the cowards that many of them are.

And if you do give Fox 25 Undercover a legitimate story (such as about police abuse) and they don’t seem to want to cover it, let me know.  Maybe we’ll put it online.


11 responses to “Contact Fox Undercover Team Give Fox 25 A Tip”

  1. elaina concepcion says :

    Need help to finally put an end to a nightmare that began in a small town with corrupted police I. Need peace of mind to be abe to try to begin to live a normal life. Please help I think you could be my last chance to justice for all

  2. Frank touchette says :

    I know a registered sex offender driving around with a MPA ( mass police association ) on his vehicle issued out of Ashland police dept. its my aunts husband and he has 6 counts of indecent assault/rape on a child under the age of 14.

  3. eric martorano says :

    I received an email stating I won a large amount of money (800,000,00) they said all I had to do was pay for the delivery of the check ($50) the email came from India. I know this is a scam, they send thousands of emails out, and unfortunately some people ate naive enough to believe it. They left contact info, a phone number, an email they even told me where to wire the money. I’m sure if you could figure out who the players are if you sent the money. I don’t have the funds too, it angers Ken’s to see scams like this because of the people who fall for it. Please contact me

  4. andrew. ohalloran says :

    I know of a stagitory assault that occurred at a family shelter in natick mass. That they. Are trying to keep. Hush. They also kicked out another mother and her kids for. Reporting it. To natick police dept i feel like these. Issues need to be let known to the public. The. Man. Was. 25 and the. Child. Was. 13. The shelter. Also. Kicked. Out. The young girls. Family. To keep it all quiet please help solve. These issues so than preditor is brought to. Justice

    • Fox Undercover says :

      Hire a PI. Mike Beaudet will make your family a public spectacle. Do you really want this on Fox?

    • Fox Undercover says :

      Do you want to subject these children to invasion of their privacy? Do you really how many times Mike Beaudet has created risky situations for young people? Please go to the police and don’t drag these children through a tv expose

  5. David Flood says :

    Facebook has been contacting me threw email
    Telling me i am this years winner of 1,500,000,00
    Dollars n I got the bigest knot in my chest I like
    For u to See if its true if u can

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