Offender And Day Care Share Same Address

Keep your eye on this Fox Undercover Boston investigation.  The average person  sees the trailer and thinks, oh my gosh, another case exposed by Mike Beaudet,   But read between the lines:  According to the Worcester Telegram, the licensed day care was not only licensed, it was located in a different location, in a different town.  No accusations of any kind occurred at that day care.  Apparently the address sharing was between the day care company, and a level one.  An 80 year old man who had no signs of re-offending.  Many large companies have day cares at the same address as the companies themselves, but statistics show that there are probably sex offenders working on site.  Just not with the children.

Great example of how things look different when you peel back the layers of a Fox Undercover story.  And btw, Fox News republished the story.  The telegram story was more geared at clarifying the matter.


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