Lynn Mother Enticed Into Keeping Secret Exposes Her Childs School to Fox Cameras

Once again you have a parent who thinks that children are in harms way and does not tell the other parents, but instead tells Mike Beaudet and agrees to keep it a secret until he’s ready to run the story during a hot primtime Fox show.  Young mothers like Jessica Cunha of Lynn are enticed by a reporter like Mike Beaudet, convinced that letting Fox expose it is the right thing to do.  Older, wiser and far more coy than Jessica Cunha, Beaudet sweet talks her into not going any further with her complaint than him, turning to Fox rather than her community.

Mikey makes sure that we know that the teacher doesn’t work at the school for now, his way of showing that even if there isn’t a lick of proof, and an accusation is based pretty much on heresay, and speculation, that if he creates bad publicity, he’ll force a school to have to put someone on paid leave.

But if the police report were so full of evidence, it would have resulted in something more than just filing it away.

Cocaine is about $80 per gram according to Wikipedia.  This seems like a very expensive habit for  a public school teacher.  Furthermore, if he did happen to come across it, snorting it on a card in a parking lot would risk a puff of wind blowing it away.  She said he had powder on his face when he went into the store, but coke users know that you take what gets on your nose and sniff that too.  So, is all of this even likely we wonder?  Should someone be taken off their job for this?

Isn’t it possible that the guy was a little hung over, or didn’t sleep well, or woke up feeling crappy, wolfed down a hostess treat with powerdered sugar on it, and then ran inside because he was thirsy?  The facts are stacked against this story but Mike Beaudet only cares about the fact that if he ran the story, the teacher is out for now.

It’s been a while since Fox Undercover Boston had a lawsuit since Jon Wells was let go, but with a teacher’s union now involved, this could be the big lawsuit that we’re all drooling to see.

fox undercover in the school yard again

Screen capture in low res

Meanwhile, back at Fox  25 Studios, the Fox Undercover editing team put together video of blurred out school children and snowflakes in the school window, to juxtapose against their demonization of the teacher. And this means parents and countrymen  that Fox Undercover and their hidden cameras are once again coming to your child’s school thanks to someone in your own school community like Jessica Cunha.


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