Fox Undercover Boston Reporter Caught Ridiculing Victims

Fox Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet is under fire for posting a comment via social media about how he couldn’t end the year without enjoying one more watching video of victims of a cult who he supposedly was filming to help expose the cult.  A little reprint of Beaudet’s comment is here HERE

Ok its no secret that Beaudet has this unquenchable love for his own past stories.  The guy seems to remind us of his last months favorite at every turn he can.  But seriously, tweeting that you’ve gotta watch victims one more time before the year is out, is not just bad taste but it’s a rare insight into who Beaudet really is.  Our observers continue to feel that Beaudet sees himself on a higher plane than other people, rising above the law, above journalistic integrity and ethics, and also above the people who he “features” in his works.  Beaudet perceives himself to be some sort of star, whose rise to fame allows him to view others as inferior to him, unless they are people whose approval he craves (or they work for Fox).vic

Meanwhile, Mike Beaudet needs to apologize to the victims of the Uxbridge Church who he claimed to be rescuing.  If he gets a kick out of watching victims, he should not now or ever be allowed to act as a journalist.


Laurie and Mike get a chuckle about….an old rape case?

And speaking of apologies, we’ve recently learned that Community Voices victims advocate Laurie Myers was also caught on social media reminicing with Beaudet about an old story, as if it were a joyous trip down memory lane.   She also sort of admits (ie – sarcastically comments on) that her sound bites given to Fox Undercover for previous stories were not so profound.  Maybe Myers has just lost it under all of the pressure, but her comments and buddy buddy relationship with Mike B are so inappropriate – it makes you wonder if she really represents the voice of “the community”.


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